“Sole Casa” Ltd. deals with:

 -  Sewing of curtains, draperies, bed sheets, tablecloths ... – there is no creation or preliminary design that our production team can not realize. Many times we have had the opportunity to talk with the customers and through conversation come together to beautiful solutions which are enlisted in many catalogues;

 - Procurement and distribution of carpets and rugs from reputable manufacturers - such as “Pierre Cardin”. All carpets are designed in a way that ensures the longevity and quality. There are many carpet manufacturers, but only the cooperation with some of them can guarantee you exactly the kind of quality you were looking for;

 - Procurement and installation of needlefelt carpets - popular service for which we use specialized trained staff to ensure that each order is properly completed. We noticed that in our market there are plenty of low-quality manufacturers in this field, so for these services, in order to distinguish ourselves, we hired only high-quality employees that give us confidence that any job will be executed;

 - Installation of roller shutter systems - which became a real hit in the market. One of the priorities in this area is to provide longevity of these systems. As we deal with these systems for a long time, we also provide, besides installation, cleaning and maintenance services for these systems because some of them were built more than 10 years ago;

 - Procurement and production of bed linens - from reputable suppliers such as the Tac, Issima, Stotex, ... There are a lot of products in our market, which are not branded and that which just copy a reputable manufacturers. Exclusive contracts with some of these manufacturers guarantee you that you will get exactly the quality that you paid for. 

In addition to procurement, our production deals with manufacturing bed linens for 4 or 5 star hotels, exclusively made of imported materials of superior quality. Some of our most exclusive hotels, that have received international certificates of quality, are the users of our services.