"Sole Casa" d.o.o. During 20 years of work, she has had the opportunity to be involved in all major jobs in the territory of Montenegro. In some jobs, such as equipping the Banja Luka Presidency Building, she emerged as the only professional enough company from the territory of the former SFRY. In addition to this work, in the last few years we have equipped:
  • Parilament of Montenegro;
  • Government of Montenegro;
  • “Polar Star” hotel, Žabljak;
  • “Žabljak” Hotel;
  • “Ski – Hotel” Žabljak;
  • “Vukov Most” hotel, Nikšić;
  • “Maršal” hotel, Nikšić;
  • “Trebjesa” hotel, Nikšić;
  • “Plaža” hotel, Herceg Novi,
  • “Laguna” hotel, Ulcinj,;
  • “Splendid”, Bečići;
  • “Queen” hotel, Bečići;
  • “Montenegrostars”, Bečići;
  • "Crno jezero", Žabljak;
  • Hotel Centar Novi, Herceg Novi;
  •  Brojni apartmani na Luštici bay;
  • Ski hotel, Žabljak;
  • "OŠ" Drago Milović, Tivat;
  • Medical Centar, Budva...

In addition to these important projects we have worked on equipping of luxury Russian villas and suites in Porto Montenegro, on the Montenegrin coast and Žabljak. Mostly we are hired by top designers who want to avoid the risk of entering into deals with companies that do not have the credibility and experience of doing business. Our offer is ALWAYS adapted to the consumer, because it is the ONLY way for anyone to find a part of its dream in our offer.